Today I turned 24. 

I was telling some friends the other day about how often I forget that I’m an adult. I still halfway expect to be confused as one of the kids in the youth group. My body, however, tells a different story. My knees hurt. I walk on the sides of my feet in the morning. I can no longer order anything off the dollar menu. You may laugh, but these things come as a surprise!

But life has been good. Marissa and I are very happy here in Walnut Ridge. I am the children’s minister at First Baptist, and I manage a small coffee shop on Main street. I drink a lot of coffee, preach often, and get to come home to a beautiful wife. 

But the best news I can share with you all is that this October, I’m gonna be a dad. We are extremely excited! Please be praying for us as we prepare for parenthood.

Grace and peace.





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