If all we do is teach them knowledge, what have we accomplished?

As a minister, if all I do is convey knowledge to my listeners, what am I accomplishing? How can we become more accountable as the body of Christ? How can we be sure that believers are applying what they have learned?

Accountability, you say? Where do you see that, honestly? And I’m not talking about xxxchurch.

Mentor ship? Again, where?

Communication? ugh…

What happened to community? Transparency? Humility? Hospitality? 

-switching gears-

Everything we are was made for the gospel. If you don’t love the story of Gods grace…His redemptive plan for all life, then you do not belong in the church. Get your heart right friend. The church, the bride of Christ, was created for one purpose: Share Jesus with the world, by word and deed. If we are not accomplishing that one thing, we fail to become the church. Every activity, every single event should be gospel centered. Believers should be ecstatic over the opportunity to share the love they have for Jesus. 

My hearts desire is for children to know Jesus. Not about Him. All that is secondary. Let me help you establish a relationship with God first.

Come to know your father. Draw near to Him. Can you see Him? Can you feel Him stirring your soul? What is He calling you to do? 



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