Christ in you.

This May I will be receiving a youth ministry degree from Williams Baptist College. I am very excited to be the first person in my family to be receiving a college degree, my father being the first to graduate from high school! God has done amazing things in my life since arriving at Williams. I have made an innumerable amount of friends, received an excellent Christian education, and in the process married the love of my life.

I’m writing this blog for everyone who may be confused as to why I’m still at Williams, and where Marissa and I see ourselves in the coming months. The answer to the first question is easy, I was not ready to leave. My grades were not bad, and I have not failed any of my classes. I would have had to take an 18 hour semester last year to graduate, and that would have been impossible whilst working at Hastings full time. Last year my spiritual life was in the pits. My faith in God had been shaken early on in my college career, and I let the seeds of doubt and skepticism plant a void with my relationship with God. Seeking anything to fill the void that only God could provide, I worshiped many idols during my college career at Williams. Although I was receiving all of the head knowledge from Williams, there’s was nothing going on in my heart. For most of my college career, I have been a very scared, hurt, lost young man.

That’s not the case now, however. I am not going to waste your time by explaining the radical transformation that God has been working in me throughout my marriage with Marissa. Just know that everyday I fight to make God supreme in my life. Marissa and I are looking at several different seminaries, and I plan on becoming a Christian educator in the future. So there’s the answer to my second question. Please pray with us as we continue to follow where God leads.