Letter to the Church pt. 1

The fact that the world still refers to us as “Christians” does not necessarily mean that we are. Who can blame them? For centuries men and women bled and died to earn that prestigious title. Yet in modern day America, we piss on the title. That may seem a bit vulgar, but it is honest. I am not going to pretend to know the greek (as unfortunately many people do), but I do know the word “Christian” means “little Christ”. Do you think the world would still refer to us as such if they knew that information? Haha.

Christianity in America has traded suffering for comfort, selflessness for selfishness, and the hope of the Gospel for the traditions of men. What is even more startling is that “Christians” in America feel justified in doing so. Churches in America have no problem sending their youth to the mission field, so long as it is a safe area, and their members can fund themselves. Churches also have no problem substituting fasts for Facebook fasts, apologetic classes for homeless ministries, and senseless squabbling arguments for the good news. Keep in mind that this article was written by a Christian author, shall we delve into what the world thinks of us? Or should we even care?

Well, I’m not sure…Christ seemed pretty interested with the world. In fact, Christ partied more than anyone else in the New Testament. The Word, as John refers to Jesus, did suffer and die so that everyone could be saved. The Word also commanded us to go throughout all of the earth, proclaiming the good news. However, for many American “Christians” today, the good news is voting republican, picketing abortion clinics, and hating the homosexual community. All the while many of which enjoy the same sinful lifestyles they themselves condemn. I have even seen “Christians” in my life more passionate about defending segregation in marriage as opposed to the actual gospel. The “Christian” community in America has done a tremendous job of displaying its disgust with everything within the world that the world cannot help but return the favor.

Many young adults my age would rather choose a life of drugs, alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases, and depression as opposed to what they have seen within the “Christian” community. What is worse is that many of these people are de-churched; many have claimed to have received salvation at a young age, and yet now see the church as either villainous or pointless. If you are a numbers person (like the SBC), perhaps you should attempt to count the amount of people who are now de-churched. I fear that this is impossible however, for many churches have virtually no follow up with their visitors or members, which is incredibly pathetic considering that for most churches, opening the doors on Sunday is the most they do for the community…

(I know it’s depressing, and it should be. However, there is hope. Always hope. This is simply part one.)


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