Haven’t blogged in awhile, so I figured I’d catch ya up to speed.

I’m working at Hastings in Jonesboro now, it’s a great job and they’re giving me alot of hours. They moved me from the register to the Books department, which is by far the best department in the store. I get to deal with mostly intelligent customers in my department, although a few strays do stagger in sometimes… The best part about working in the books is that it’s quiet, which gives me plenty of time to talk with God, who I tend to neglect during the day. Plus, I get to laugh at books in the “Christian” section such as “God wants you to be a Millionaire“, and covet some of the others like “The complete works of C.S Lewis“.

Five months away until marriage. I’m praying everyday that God continues to mold me into his image, and I ask that you all do the same. Merry Christmas, and many blessings.